Friday, October 24, 2008

A Passion of Mine

Family History & Old Photographs
I LOVE them!!

My Great Grandfather

This is John and coworkers working
in the oil fields during the Depression.

John and my uncle Ronnie are playing marbles

This is a post card John send to his
wife,Willie Dee, during WWI.

John Turley with my Aunt Donna

Willie Dee with my grandmother
Mary and her brother John.

John during WWI in France

I truely LOVE family history. I have been working on my Great Grandfather, John Turley Berry's side. What is so fun is that the link to these ancestors is so close. I am looking for all of his siblings so they can be sealed to their parents. Through my research I have found 4 more children and one that died that I do not have a name for yet. They had 11 children with two that died as children. The census records have been so fun. They tell you so much about your family. Where they lived, there occupations, how many children born to them and how many living. That is how I found out that there was one more child that had been born and died between the census. When you do the work you feel like you know these ancestors. To me, it will be exciting to meet them when I leave this life.

I often wonder about the lives they lived. What did their home looked like? What did they enjoyed cooking and eating. What did they do for family get togethers? Or what happened to the two children that died. I think of how the mother and father must have felt to loose 2 children and of how excited they must be that someone is working on their family and they can be together with there loved ones again. It was also fun to see where my name came from. John had a sister named Mary. Then he named my grandmother Mary Imogene. I can't wait to see if Johns parents passed the name Mary from some of their family. Is anything more important than family??

Anyway, I am really enjoying finding out about my family and working on getting together names for the temple. I haven't ever taken a family name and done temple work for yet. I think it is going to be very special experience. And someday I will be able to meet them which is more exciting! This is just what I've been up to lately. Thought I would share.

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