Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

My Birthday Weekend

[The Details]

For the past few years Jeremy has let me choose where we go on my birthday.  His birthday is just 5 days later so it means a lot to me!  For the past 2 years we have gone up to Big Lake and enjoyed the weekend.  This year we stayed with our Fabulous friends, the McNeill family, in Springerville.  It just happened to be Melissa's Super Saturday along with the  General Relief Society Broadcast.  So we went for part of the afternoon and made some fun projects, then went back that night for dinner and the broadcast.  It was so much fun!  Her friends were just a delight to be with!  Dinner was so yummy and the broadcast was such a spiritual uplift!  We stayed till Sunday and went to their ward for church.  I really enjoyed Relief Society.  Probably so much since I didn't have to do a thing but sit back and take it all in.  Sunday afternoon we made our way to Vernon and visited with our other Fabulous friends we love dearly too, the Wilhelm's.  We had dinner and visited.  They are always so easy and fun to be with.  Every time we leave, I want to move up there!  I seriously need to visit in the winter, I heard it will make me change my mind.  We had great food and company all weekend!  I LOVE my birthday weekends!

[Big Lake] Crawdad Fishing

[Dutch Oven Cooking] Yummy McNeill Cooking!

One of the afternoons we were there the boys took most of the kids and went up to Big Lake to fish while Melissa & I let the little kids take naps.  That evening Melissa & loaded up the kids in the excursion and we drove up to Big Lake to cook dinner.  Melissa had all the stuff prepared to cook in the dutch oven.  We had Chicken and Veggies.  It was so delicious!  Then with Jeremy in charge he helped the kiddos make smores.  We had a super fun evening.  Melissa taught us lots of fun camping songs, the kids drank way too much soda, and we laughed a ton!  The kids had a fun time building a fort out of all the wood they could find.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Kisses from Sissy

Halloween for us this year was a bit different.  I was super lazy, as I had been sick.  The kids each decided what they wanted to be on their own, Savanna went from a princess, to a cheerleader, to just wanting to wear her pajamas.  Fisher wasn't feeling well either.  I don't know what was wrong with me, but I forgot to take a single picture.  The best part was this year my sister's kids came while their older brother went on a date.  So we had Mallory, Zack, and Caleb this year.  We didn't go to the trunk or treat, just around the neighborhood.  The kids had more fun with their cousins then anything.  We went to Walmart Saturday and all the costumes were 75% off.  So we have some way fun costumes for next year.  So stay tuned till next October!

This last weekend we went out to my parents house and visited with my aunt Barbara and uncle Joe, all of their kids, and all of my cousins children.  We had such a great time! Again, I forgot my camera.  So when my aunt emails me pics I will post.  It was so much fun to be with family.  They are such good people and great company!  Most all of thier kids are teenagers, so it was so fun to see that stage in life.  It made me excited.  They are an awesome group of rightouse kids!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fond Memories

As a child is was a very common thing for our family to load up in one of our dad's old trucks, maybe with a camper shell, maybe not, head out into the hills {aka- desert} and spend a Saturday.  I remember how much I loved riding on the tail gate and dragging old sticks we had found out there out of dead old cactus.  He usually owned a small truck and we were able to jump off the tailgate and jump back on while he was going.  I can remember him saying "Stay on, you'll get hurt!".  We would play and explore and get dirty.  I loved it! I loved the days of riding in the back of the truck and feeling the wind take your breath away.  Sometimes my dad would put cushions down in the back of truck and then we would go up and down bumpy roads.  We thought that was just the thrill of a lifetime!  To be a kid again!

I think that is why I still love the desert and going out into the hills so much.  It is such a peaceful place to me.  The other day Jeremy wanted to go and check out his game camera he had out in the hills somewhere and we took Hunter, Fisher, and my dad.  Jeremy and Hunter went off on the 4 wheeler and my dad, Fisher and I stayed at the truck.  Those memories came flooding back into my mind.  We never had much money as I was growing up, but my mom and dad always made sure we were together doing something.  I loved my childhood and need to thank my parents more, for now I know how much work it really was!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Loralie wears YELLOW & BLUE!!!

During the month of October Loralie was choosen

{Student of the Month}

from Ms. Pacheco's class!  We are so proud of her.  She loves school and LOVES Ms. Pacheco's Class.  She was so excited to get dressed up and be on the float.  She loves to dress in the Pima Roughriders colors!  This is our first child to be a student of the month.  We are so proud of her example to others at school!  We love you Loralie!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It happened.....and I am dealing with it

I turned 30.  It happened the end of September.  I am still coming to terms with the whole idea of no longer being the "Young" mom or one of the "Young Couples" in the ward.   This is a new season of life for me. Within the last 6 months many changes have happened for me.  We had our caboose in May.  It seems sad in a way to never have another newborn or to be pregnant again.  Even though I totally know our family is complete, it still saddens me.  We lost Jeremy's mother.  She was a mother to me and one of my best friends.  And now turning 30 is a major milestone.  All of these things are a part of life, and I know that great times are a head, but they are hard. 

Before I knew it, my children seem to be growing at a crazy fast past.  Time is speeding forward and I feel like I desperately want it to stop.  Since loosing dear Linda I have come to realize just how precious and fragile time and family are.  I feel like I can't get enough of either one.  Watching the things my children do seem so amazing as I watch it happening.  Even if it is just playing some imaginative life in the back yard or Savanna playing at her kitchen. 

I have felt such a strong impression to to make my home a place of simplicity.  A place with less belongings to get into the way of making strong family relationships that include teaching and learning the Gospel. A home where less time is spent on dealing with things.  A home of love and peace.  A home where time is made for simple pleasures.  We get too caught up in homework, housework, and other out of the home activities, that is leaves little if any time to play together and really talk.  One thing I did a while ago is shut off the TV.  There were only a few complaints the first few days.  It is amazing to see what all they make and do together now.  It has given us back so many hours in the day!

I have been given a gift, almost like being able to see life as it really is for me and my family.  I strongly believe that the more we seek to know from Heavenly Father what our purpose is, and what we can do to fulfill that purpose, he will guide us little by little each day in simple ways to accomplish those things he sent us here to do.

If it took turning 30 to see life this way, and the trials to make me appreciate it all, then I am glad for my life's trials and what they help me to become.

Monday, October 25, 2010


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Last weekend we decided to go out where Jeremy's deer hunt area is and find a wash, build a fire, eat dinner, and let the kids play.  We were so happy when my sister Emily called and wanted to come too!  Her kids are adorable and my kids love them!  It was great to watch them all play.  Jeremy, Rex + Hunter went out on the 4 wheelers and played till dark and the rest of us set up a little place to eat and play.  I love how it doesn't take long to get out the norm and relax like that in complete silence.  Unless you count the company we had right before dinner, a large herd of  COWs!  So glad it is cooling off and more time can be spent outdoors!

Friday, October 22, 2010

It's that TIME again.....

{to get off SUGAR!}

Why is it soooo hard??  I can tell that my body is saying "STOP!!!".  And with the holidays coming, it will only get worse.  I need to commit now and get a habit going.  I am committing to a treat once a week once I can get a handle on it.  I really need to loose the rest of my baby weight and I want to have more energy!  Plus I have been feeling super stressed and I know sugar makes that worse. 

Anyone want to partner up with me in this challenge??

So my plan is changing my diet, doing some kind of exercise daily with some meditation.  It helps me to  release stress.

Can you believe the holidays are around the corner??

Thursday, October 21, 2010


 I have been really bad about not taking the time to record our family happenings.  It makes me sad.  So much missed!  So I am making a goal to post each day even if it is just a picture of something sweet that day.  This blog is for my children.  I've got to be better.  I have gotten a lot of projects done, so I really have no excuse!

I will start tomorrow!

Friday, October 15, 2010

I want one of these.......

I have been asking Jeremy for one of these Madsen Bikes for a while.  But the answer is always NO.  But now they are giving away one of these sweet bikes and I am entering to win, and so can you!  Click to the right to enter to win!  Can't you see me with all my kiddos in the back??

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Colors of Fun

Today we made these.  I think they turned out pretty neat.  My kids love to play with playdough, and for a few ingredients from my pantry we came up with these fun balls of color.  I found the recipe on a super fun blog here.  We are learning to make things from home for much cheaper and the kids are really enjoying our adventures together.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Loaves of Lessons

I have been thinking lately about all my blessings.  Mostly because my attitude has been negative and I was trying to be positive.  But I started thinking about my life today while making bread.  Here are some blessing in my life I came up with:

1) I am a mother.  Even though it is the hardest thing I've ever done, I am so thankful that I am blessed with children.  They have taught me so much.
2) I have the knowledge of the gospel.  To many blessings to name!
3) I live in a free country.
4) My husband is blessed with a great job.
5) I get to live my dream of staying home with my children.
6) My family and I are healthy.

These are just a few that mean a lot to me.  I have been talking with one of my friends on the phone a lot lately, which I love, she is so much fun!  She had to work for a time while raising her small children.  To listen to her now, and the joy and excited she has in her voice from the everyday things she is able to do with her children at home since she no longer needs to works makes me happy.  It reminded me of all I have.  It helped me remember what all I am grateful for and it was a good reminder to me to make sure I was enjoying those moment myself.  I love that I can make bread from scratch, hang my clothes on my clothesline, use clothes diapers, read with my babies, sew projects, and anything else I love to do.  Staying home is such a blessing.  I have seen a lot of women have to go to work lately because of financial reasons, not by choice.  It is hard, and they are strong women and good mothers.   I am grateful it hasn't been me. 

I decided a couple weeks ago that it was time for some changes around here.  We have been living life a little too freely with our finances and entertainment.  So Jeremy and I talked and decided that it was time to turn off the cable, cut down on our cell phones, make some grocery shopping changes, and start using what we have.  Not rush out to by something that's broken.  But we have been fixing things.  I started thinking about how much we consume.  How disposable things are these days to us.  Clothes, toys, food, ect.  I want my children to be frugal and learn to take care of their finances.  We have not been shopping for the past two weeks for anything.  We are using the food in our fridge(we had a ton) and using what is already on our shelves.  We have decided to use a cash budget for household, groceries, and gas. I pay all our bills online.  This has been a REAL eye opener to me.  Plus it really makes me think about if it is a NEED or a WANT.  I have to say that the last two weeks I have been less stressed and feel more free to live.  My house is quieter from no t.v., and thanks to my friend helping me see the light, I no longer take my cell phone everywhere with me.  Just leaving my phone at home unless we are going out of town lessens my stress.  I can't explain it.  Try it, you'll see.  I think we really needed an electronic detox and re prioritize.

You will really feel a sense of peace and fulfillment making things from home and with your own hands.  Being on a budget really brings peace like nothing else.  All these things we learn in the church, but we think we are fine and they must be for other people.  I don't do well with stress and I stress very easily.  I am learning to enjoy simple things in my life and really enjoy my family.  Less Stuff= More Life! That is my motto!  No matter if it is clothes, shoes, entertainment, TV, cell phones, or what.  Stuff clutters our lives and takes over!

What are you doing to help save money, relieve stress, or
find more peace?? I would love ideas!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

when was the last time.....

you had your family pictures taken???  We had not had any done since Savanna was very small so we decided it was time.  They all turned out amazing!  We had a lot of fun and Tiffany Woods with Simply Photography did an amazing Job.  She is very affordable and her pictures are a delight! Check out her blog and book a session. 

You'll want some pictures for all your upcoming Christmas Cards!


A couple weekends ago we have some of our most favorite friends over to play for the weekend.  And that is just what we did.  The guys went out and shot stuff, us girls went to the temple  and a little shopping at Walmart, the kids played in the water, dads and kids picked pears, we ate a bunch of food,  & stayed up till almost midnight laughing till our cheeks hurt.  It was so much fun and really relaxing to just visit and play. 

{Thanks Winslow & Melissa for a fabulous weekend!}

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Time Out

Jeremy and I decided we needed a time out.  So we farmed out all the kids but Graham, had Friday night to ourselves, and went up Graham Mountain Saturday for the day.  It was the best weekend ever!  We got some of our favorite food to take, and just relaxed.  I took tons of pictures.  I had had a crazy couple weeks and needed to relax and clear my head.  How grateful I am for a beautiful mountain so close to enjoy!  This trip was a reminder to me how much I love Jeremy and the fun we have together.  Once you get so many kids in the mix it is easy to forget such things and get wrapped up in all the needs of the children.  We decided we will have to do this at least every 3 months!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today was our first try at soccer.  They had a clinic to see how everyone played and then chose teams.  Jeremy and I got roped in to helping coach.  We don't even know the rules!  The kids love it, we all got sunburned, and I was exhausted when we got home.  Then Jeremy, his dad, and I went up to the temple and took family names and did some baptisms.  I was like 13 the last time I've done any.  It was such a wonderful experience.  Jeremy's dad did the baptizing.  It is so neat having family names to take.  Got home and Jeremy went out scouting and my mom and I visited for a while.  I am fighting a cold and have been so tired lately.  So tonight my house is a disaster, we ate frozen burritos(from my emergency freezer food) for dinner, I can barely move I am so tired, and I look at Fisher and he has gotten into the diaper cream and has it all over his face.  That was went I gave up and decided to watch a movie! I can only do so much in one day.  I am learning to relax and not get so uptight.  Having my kids in soccer is VERY out of my comfort zone.  The idea overwhelms me.  But I am getting better at all this stuff.  We'll see how I survive the season!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Happy

Turning 2

We really had a fun time together at his party. I made chocolate turtle cookies in the waffles iron with homemade chocolate frosting and ice cream. They were really good. We wanted to try something other then cake for change. It was super relaxing to visit. Fisher has had so much fun with his toys. The train and the car you have to shake them and they make noise and go on their own. He LOVES them. He is such a sweet little guy. I am sad he is growing so fast. He is saying so many new things all the time. When he opened his first gift he yells "Awesome!!" It was so cute.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Day

Since the kids have been back in school things are pretty low key around the house during the day. We have our routine. Savanna goes to preschool Tues, Wed, Thurs from 8:00-10:00. She LOVES it! Fisher lays down for a nap at 11:00. I decided to FRESHEN things up a bit around here. I made some new pillows, hung things on the wall, and brightened up my curtains. I decided it is finally time to MOVE in and feel at home. It only took 3 years! I finally found some things to put above my kitchen cabinets. It is coming together. I painted a bunch of furniture that needed a face lift. I will post pictures once it is all done. It has been fun. I've decided I need to do more projects. I have kind of put all hobbies on the back burner and haven't really done much for myself. I really do enjoy it!

My friend Megan just got back from a fun trip to New York City. Her brother got married. She brought me back an awesome green handbag. It is so cute! I want to go there one day. She said the food is amazing.

Today is Fisher's 2nd Birthday. We are having his party tonight. I can't believe 2 years went by so fast. She is such a happy little boy. Very busy and gets into EVERYTHING!! But he is always smiling and happy. Loves to eat, play with trucks, watch t.v., jump on the trampoline, take wagon rides, swing, and everything else you can imagine. He keeps me really busy! I love this kid! We are so blessed to have him as a part of our family!
Life is good. My days are busy but enjoyable. I love this stage in my life right now. I am exhausted by nighttime. But happy.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Last Summer Swim Party

We had so much fun this summer going to Grandpa Don's and Grandma Penny's. Grandpa would fill up the pool and the kids would play for a few hours and we would eat something fun. They really looked forward to these times. I have really appreciated my parents for taking the time to do these special things for my kids. They will have so many memories with their grandparents.
A few weeks ago my dad wasn't feeling well. Very tired, hard to get a breath, and look pretty pale. He had been at my house and looked terrible. I tired to get him to go to the doctor, but he wanted to wait a few days. Well, a few days later he came back and looked worse. This was a Friday. He wanted to wait till Monday and not have to go the the ER. Well, he was finally convinced and went up to the ER. After some testing they found out he had a heart attack and ended up flying him to Tucson Heart Hospital. So I called Jeremy and he came home from work, picked up my mom and headed to Tucson. Before we even got their they had put in 2 stints. When the doctor came out they said they had a hard time breaking up the blockage and almost gave up on one valve. But they ended up getting it in. But the others have 50% to 60% blockage and there isn't really much they can do. He went to the doctor last week and met with the surgeon and he told my dad that he can't be doing anything that would make him strain. Lifting things and pulling on things or anything. This could cause a piece to break loose and he would die. They told him he was 99% blocked and had he waited till Monday, he would have died in his sleep over the weekend. He just retired. So this new is really hard for him.
This really opened my eyes to the fact we could loose him. He has a lot of heart damage. Loosing Linda has been very difficult for me. I can't imagine loosing my own parents right now. I am so grateful I live close to them and for our special time together as a family. They love and support Jeremy and I and love my kids so much. Life is so short and this has really made me think what I am doing. Am I getting angry at things or people and wasting my time here? Am I enjoying each day like it could be the last? Am I living each day like I want to return to live with my family and my Father in Heaven? Am I grateful for all I have? Something has changed for me and in me. I am learning to enjoy my kids even if they just destroyed my house. I am learning to love Jeremy depict his imperfections. I have many that he loves me in spite of. Our family has been happier. We have been having more stress free fun. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. But I know too we must build, strengthen, and enjoy our family relationships now to be able to be together later. I am most grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Without we would all be lost. Having the temple here has been one of the greatest blessing in our lives. Jeremy and I are strengthen each time we attend. We find our needed peace within those sacred walls. With 6 small children it is hard to go, but we are richly blessed by the sacrifice. I look forward to our time together there each week. What a blessing families are. And what a blessing we can be together forever!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Checkout Line Judgment

Do you ever find yourself waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store and you start noticing the lady behind you. She is well dressed, her children look like they just came from Baby Gap, she has all organic items in her cart and it's filled to brim with veggies and fruit, and to top it off she is caring a fabulous handbag. Then you start feeling like a terrible mother, wondering if your children even remembered to brush their teeth before school. Then you look down at what your wearing and feel completely frumpy, only to begin to start thinking how your wardrobe could really use a face lift and how you need to loose 30 pounds, but who has the money or the energy! Well that was me yesterday. I stood in the line for only about 5 minutes, and walked away feeling like a complete failure. That lady didn't look at me in judging way, she didn't inspect my cart and gasp, but I allowed myself to judge ME. Why do we compare ourselves to others we don't even know?? Why are we so hard on ourselves. I didn't know her, but yet I walked away not feeling good enough as a women or mother. I just don't understand it sometimes. I felt like she "Had It All". When I got out to my car I think I really realized what I had just done. It was ridiculous! I didn't know that lady. I knew nothing about her, but yet I completely judged her and put myself down. Does anyone ever find themselves there? We look at people with a bigger house, a nicer car, vacations we would love to go on, and so on, long for those things and forget our own blessings?? Not having any kids with me I was free to think and I thought about it on the way home. Then as I was passing the temple a peace came to me, and the thought came into my mind, "You are a daughter of Heavenly Father, and you are doing just fine, be kind to yourself." I think I completely forgot who I am and what I am doing. It is so easy to be distracted with things of the world and let Satan take over. Our minds are powerful. A word was never exchanged in that checkout line, but I had created those feelings of self doubt myself. So next time I am in the checkout line I will be just a little kinder to myself and remember to not judge the lady behind. Or, just look straight forward and sing "Count Your Many Blessings"!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A New School Year!

The kids were so excited for school to start. They picked out their clothes, packed lunches, and got backpacks ready. This morning went pretty well. We got up at 5:00 though. Hopefully tomorrow can be just as successful. Hunter had a fabulous day. His BEST DAY EVER according to him. I loved school as a child, and a little of those past feelings come rushing back at the beginning of each school year. Same with summer. I loved it as a child. Can't believe Hunter is in school. Time is really flying by. Savanna started preschool today too. So was super excited. She felt so big getting to go. I thought about it today and realized that when Graham starts kindergarten, Carlee will be a Freshmen in High School! That freaks me out! Time is passing too quick! Carlee is in the 4th Grade and Loralie in the 3rd. This is going to be a great year. They all got the teachers they wanted and they are all fabulous!
Happy New School Year!


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