Monday, March 22, 2010

Pictures for Grandma

A Lovely Surprise

Miss Savanna

{ Savanna}
She is our sweet little 3 year old with a little bit of Sass. She LOVES clothes and shoes. And of course hair clips. She is quit fun to get ready in the mornings. She has her own mind of what she wants. She is so excited for her baby brother to arrive. She is going to be a wonderful mother when she grows up. She is my little buddy when the kids are at school. She loves going on our morning walk and having a snack when we get home. I will really miss her when she goes to school! I love you Savanna.

Working in the Garden

Jeremy loves to work in the garden. We decided to build garden boxes this year. We hope this will help with weeds and maintaining the garden better. I am really looking forward to having all the veggies we need in our backyard! Jeremy does a fantastic job of having the kids work by his side and teach them about gardening. He was taught by his father and I love he is passing along that love to his children. We have so much that is already coming up. Very Exciting!

Activity Days "Adopted Grandma"

Carlee had such a fun time during this project for her Faith in God. She really grew to know and love Sister Braithwaite. They still continue to think of each other and do fun things for each other. I can't believe Carlee will be 1o this year. It seems hard to belive how fast she is growing into a sweet young lady. Activity Days has been really good for her and she loves each activity they do. Her leaders are wonderful and always go the extra mile to make things special.


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