Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Laptop Lunches

Ok I promise this will be my LAST post today. I have to really get busy and finish my RS lesson and probably won't be posting anymore this week. So I have to tell everyone about these fantastic lunch boxes I found out about in my Mothering magazine. I am so excited about it. It helps promote healthy eating habits and cut down on wasting food. Plus you save tons of little plastic bags and things like that for lunch boxes. Here are some ideas from their website.

The website is Mine came and they are wonderful.

They even give you tons of meal ideas and recipes.

Do you already have one?

What are some of the meals you've made and love?

a good day

My day started when my alarm rang at 5:00 am. Why was it set for 5:00 am on a lazy summer morning you ask? Because about 2 months ago, I had a obviously insane moment and agreed to be at the dentist office by 7:00 am with 5 children. Did I get up at 5:00 am when the alarm went off? Of course not. I didn't get up till 5:50 am. By that time, I had get up like a crazy person and get everyone dressed, teeth brushed, diaper changed, bottle made, and out the door by 6:40. We made it on time. The plan was for Carlee to have two fillings done. But because she cried for the first 15 minutes he was only able to do one. By the way, he is one of the most patient dentists I know(Thank you Dr. Glade Smith). So that means in October I get to go back and do it all again.

On a happier note, I decided to be spontaneous, and instead of going home and cleaning, doing laundry, and working on my RS lesson for Sunday, I went out to my parents house and spent the day. We ate breakfast with my mom. Waffles, bacon, and eggs. Everything taste better at mom's house, doesn't it. Then we met my dad and visited with him for a few minutes. The kids love to see Grandma Don. After that we went back to our house and I loaded up a bunch of clothes and took them to the Kids Wear Consignment. That is how I plan on paying for the kids school pants this years. Then we met my brother for lunch at Pizza Hut. Me and my brother love the thin crust cheese. For me it reminds me of my Grandpa Lou that passed away. He always ordered Pizza Hut Pizza for us. Thanks mom for lunch! The kids loved it. As many trips to the buffet as their little hearts desired. And let me tell you, we got our money's worth.

After a wonderful lunch I took my mom home. It was a really fun day for me and the kids. Totally unplanned and perfect for a summer day. I will miss summer. Having no schedule and total freedom. Jeremy and I are both blessed to live near our parents. They are a blessing in both of our lives. They encourage and love us unconditionally. It turned out a VERY happy day.
p.s. I didn't take the picture of the tulips, but I love them, and the picture made me happy. Hope it works for you too!

my little fishy man

One of many cute nicknames for him. He is already 11 months and it is just not fair. It has been really fun seeing him grow into a soon to be toddler. He has been a "happy, all the time smiling" baby from day one. He has brought a lot of joy into our family. He is very patient, which is good being number 5 and having to compete for my attention. I am enjoying each moment with him, and am loving watching him grow into who he came here to be.

colors,fish,and Savanna

Savanna loves to do puzzels. These are the Melissa & Doug puzzels make from wood. I just love them. The colors are so bright and they have a little wooden peg on each piece. Perfect for her little fingers. She is learning her colors and this is her favorite puzzel right now. It was alot of fun to lay in the floor with her while she would pick up each piece, find its matching fish, and guess the color. She is growing up, like it or not.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Didn't Plan to Be a Witch

And Other Surprises of A Joyful Mother

I found this book at Deseret Industries for a $1.00 that last time we went to the temple. I fell in love with it when I started to read it. I skip around and read a chapter per sitting. It is perfect because it gives you time to really think about each topic. The books is perfect for any mother living today. I have always loved her books and this ones makes me feel like.....
1. I am not alone, there are other mothers living my life
2. On those really hard days, I can survive
3. I am doing all of this for reason (I can see the big eternal picture)
It is full of humor, which we could all use. I know you'll love it. I hope you will read it! You can go to and search Linda Eyre and read a sample of the book.
Has anyone already read it??
What did you take from the book??

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last Two Weeks

Well, the last two weeks have been interesting. Loralie, Carlee, and I have all had Strep Throat. Thank goodness for Meds that come in a SHOT form! We have done some small school shopping. I've decided this is the year that we are going to Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or Do without. Ok, maybe not do without, but I am going to have the kids still wear there shirts ,shorts, and shoes that are still in good condition from summer. I do not see the point in all new wardrobes when their clothes are still nice. They did get new backpacks and lunch boxes. But this was a necessity. I am sad summer is almost over. The kids aren't even ready to go back yet. Other family news, Jeremy received a new calling. He is the assistant Ward Clerk over Finances. He is really enjoying it. He has served in the YM's for most of our married life. This is a change for our family because he stays after church for about an 1 1/2 hours. And I am spoiled because he usually makes dinner. But this is fine because now we have time to change clothes, have a snack, tidy up, and set the table, and things like that while we wait for Daddy to come home. We got a new computer about 3 weeks ago and is crashed and we had to completely wipe it out and start over. That was a sad day. But everything is working again. On another note, Fisher is officially into EVERYTHING. Nothing is safe anymore. But that is ok. I am really enjoying it, being he is probably our last. In the last couple of weeks I decided it is time to really crack down and loose this baby weight that is being so loyal to me and will not leave. So for the past 3 days I've been walking like crazy on my treadmill and doing pilates. I do feel much better and have a ton more energy. I've also been doing the weight watchers point tracker to watch what I eat. A friend told me about it, and she lost 25 pounds and looks fantastic! So wish me luck! I love to eat, so this is definitely teaching me self control. Not much else is going on. I should blog more often to get the really funny things down the kids say and do. I forget them if I don't.
Hope your all having a great summer!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a little weekend fun

We took a family trip to Mesa last weekend for 4 days. Saturday Jeremy and I were able to go the temple. My Aunt and cousin's daughter Tessa kept the kids. They love Tessa. We stayed the night at my Aunt Barbara & Uncle Joe's House. Sunday we went to my Aunt's Ward for church. The members were wonderful. Sunday morning Jeremy and I put a roast in the crockpot my aunt bought for lunch that afternoon. When we got home from church we go and open the lid to see if it was done, and what do you know, I didnt plug it in! Jeremy saved us by making steaks out of it. Sunday night my parents came and we went to the resort. Monday morning we got up first thing and was over to the water park by 8:00. The kids had so much fun. I forgot my camera and didnt get any pictures by the water. The kids looked so cute in the suits. They had so much fun. It was alot of work getting 5 kids in sunscreen,suits, and over there. But it was worth it. After the water park we went and ate lunch and then went back to the pool by our room and the kids swam till about 7:00 that night. Fisher loved the water and didn't want to get out. Jeremy was so good to play with him most the time. Thanks Dad and Mom for taking us. We all had a wonderful time being together!

I really wanted a nice Photo of Jeremy and I while were there.
It took some time for Jeremy, but it was fun!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Savanna Humor

Yesterday Savanna and Fisher were playing behind me in the floor and Savanna starts crying. The kind of crying where you know she is "really" hurt. Not the just "I want attention" cry. She comes over to me and I ask her what happened. Fisher was playing in the drawer pulling out all the cups, so I figured he smashed her fingers. She holds up her fingers crying. I asked her if Fishers smashed them, and she says "No,Fisher ate them!" I laughed so hard. She put her fingers in his mouth and he bit them. Poor girl. She is a quick learner though.

sleepover fun

A Happy Fourth of July!!

Our 4th of July was so fun this year. I decided I wanted to go all out with fun plates and stuff. I bought the little boxes of the "JUNK" cereal for breakfast as a surprise for the kids. They went crazy when they saw the table all set. I never buy it for them. The girls made the flag dessert, and had so much fun doing it. We had a really fun BBQ. The food was so good. All my favorites. The fireworks were beautiful, and surprisingly the weather was nice. I really enjoyed myself with very little stress. I love those kind of holidays.
Fun,food,friends,and family!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our Happy Days

I know this is REALLY late, but I have to post for my children's sake. Plus my computer was down and I couldn't have even if I was completely on top of things. Better late then never in my book.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Fun

During the summer we allow the kids to stay up later with us. Lately we have been watching a movie a night with the kids. If they are really lucky we will let them sleep in our bed. Thanks goodness we have a king size bed! Plus, I secretly like it, it lets me snuggle with Jeremy!

One day I decided to make some homemade play dough for the kids. They loved it. It was a recipe you can bake and have the kids paint it, or whatever you want. We had a great time making it together and they spend well over an hour playing with it. I just love SUMMER!

One of our favorite times of the day is when Daddy gets home. We love to go outside with him while he works. Fisher will swing, I will sit in our Vegetable garden with Jeremy and the kids run all over. The weather has been beautiful in the evening. I can't wait till the Thunderstorms start. Jeremy loves the Thunderstorms. We turn off all the lights, open up the curtains and watch the lighting.

Our grass is really taking off. Jeremy bought a lawn mower and the grass looks great! Our yard has been slow going, but it is really starting to come together. One of my favorite things to do in the evening is sit out on our front porch in our over sized rocker with Jeremy (alone) and talk. Our neighborhood is VERY quiet. Did I mention I love SUMMER!

Jeremy did a wonderful job with year with the garden. The kids have really enjoyed helping and being able to bring in huge onions. We have made some really good salsa. I really to appreciate all the hard work he puts into the garden no matter where we live.

Away to Idaho they go!

It's all gone

On Saturday we finally did it. I gave Fisher his first haircut. He sat in my bathroom sink wrapped in a towel. He was actually pretty good. I bought these tiny electric trimmers that worked perfect. He will be 11 months on the 17th and I can't believe it. And I am proud to announce that he is FINALLY sleeping through the night. It may not seem big to you, but after 10 months of getting up in the night, I felt like I should throw some kind of party!


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