Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some Things We Did This Summer
The girls were ready to cut there hair this summer.
I was sad I must admit. They have been growing it
their whole lives to be this long and it was so beautiful.
But they assured me they were ready, so I explained the
whole locks of love program and they were so excited
that someone would be using their hair who needed
it. I got online and looked up how to do it and away we
went. Below is the finished products.

Carlee & Loralie

Carlee cut off 13 inches of hair.

She hadn't even had a trim before.

What a cutie!!

Loralie was the one who wanted her hair cut first.
I was very nervous since she hadn't ever had hers cut either.
She also cut 13 inches of her hair.
She was so happy when she looked in the mirror.
Plus she could finally do her own hair now.

Just Beautiful!!


wilhelmway said...

Love it Mary! You did a good job. It is soooo cute!

Mary said...

Thanks so much Sandra!


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