Friday, November 21, 2008

Mary's Deer Hunt

I didn't even get a shot this year! I was really
bummed about that. But I still had a really good
time. Fisher was such a good boy out there.
He is happy most of the time. I was able to hunt
with my dad this year for a day which was a treat.
We're not often able to spend that much time
together without the little ones. I learned alot about
him and his childhood. And the time Jeremy and
I spent out there was special because we really
haven't spent much alone time since the baby was
born. It is nice to know that even when the kids
aren't around we still have alot to talk about and can
enjoy each other. Sometimes I feel like I forget who
I am as ME. And last I went hunting with my
Father-in-law which is alway fun. We took Savanna
and Hunter that moring. It is always fun when
Grandpa comes. Overall it was a great hunt for the
fact I was able to spend time with special people and have
some quiet mental time to myself, which is
always welcomed!! Plus I was able to take a bunch
of great photos. Who could ask for more??

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