Sunday, November 9, 2008

A VERY Special Day!

Carlee & her birthday waffles
This week has been very exciting in our family. Carlee turned 8 on Wednesday. We made waffles for breakfast and sang Happy Birthday to her. Then for dinner we went and ate Pizza with both sets of Grandparents. Then Saturday we had Carlee's baptism and Fisher's blessing. Our family came and our very good friends from Vernon. We had so much fun! Carlee just beamed all day. It was great to share such special moments with people who really care.

Mommy & Fisher

Carlee the morning of her baptism


Jeremy, Lynn (his dad) & Fisher

Sweet little Savanna

Curly, Michael, Rex, Jeremy, Fisher, Lynn, John, Don

Moments like this are so special to me when the Priesthood is being used. Especially to bless one of my babies.

There is so much power and safety in the Priesthood.

Carlee just beaming!!

Daddy & Carlee after her baptism

This is Carlee's Birthday Cake.

All white for her baptism!

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