Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Easter Weekend

We had such a wonderful weekend with family. Saturday we ate lunch with Jeremy's family and the kids dyed eggs with Grandma Saline. No pics cause I was home while Fisher and Savanna took naps! Then the kids hid eggs for hours. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Saline for hosting all the egg hunting and egg shell mess. Savanna thought she had to eat ALL the eggs.
Sunday we went to church, which was wonderful. I loved all the talks and lessons! Then after church we had Jeremy's mom and dad, my mom and dad, and my brother over for Easter Dinner. It was so fun visiting and relaxing! Jeremy made most of the dinner and his mom brought some sides, so I didn't really have to do anything! I know my husband is the BEST! Our parents love to visit with each other, and a holiday is the perfect reason to get together! I am so grateful to have our parents close to use so we can get together on holidays and they don't miss those special times with our kids. These memories will last a lifetime and you can't replace them.
The kids had a really fun time doing things that taught them about the Atonement all week. We had a Love One Another JAR where we wrote down special notes for different family members. Then we did the 12 eggs in the carton and each egg had something that told about Christ's last week, atoning for our sins, and His sacrifice. We watched movies, did cross word puzzles, made edible tombs and some other things. The kids loved every minute of it, and now Savanna even knows about Christ being resurrected after 3 days and the tomb was empty. She is so cute when she tells the story. I had a great week. Hope your Easter was just as wonderful!


For my Wednesday Thought this came to mind. I think this applies for our Family as well as Friends. But what would Heaven be without our parents, brothers, sisters, ect. Our goal is to be ALL together again. Never give up on those we love the most!

"We must cherish one another, watch over one another, comfort one another, and gain instruction that we may all sit down in heaven together." — Lucy Mack Smith

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Mark and Mary said...

looks like a fun easter! i just barely realized you lived in safford still. we're probably going to move there after mark finishes dental school (in four years). anyway, you have a cute family.


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