Monday, August 31, 2009

Time is Flying!

I can't believe tomorrow is September 1st. I talked to my baby sister today and she might possibly have her a baby boy by tomorrow sometime. She will probably be induced in the morning. How fun is that!

We have been staying busy doing what we do. Jeremy has had some MAJOR changes at work. He now works most of his week in Morenci instead of Safford. That was a bummer for him. He was never fond of the drive. But he is doing something completely different and is enjoying what he is learning. He is good at whatever he does and I never worry about him.

Savanna will be turning 3 on the 7th and I have the cutest party planned. Watch for pictures! Fisher is getting in some molars on the bottom and has been a little cranky. Loralie has 2 loose teeth we hope the tooth fairy will soon be the proud owner of. Loose teeth creep me out! Hunter is loving school and really into digging holes lately. Even in the heat! Carlee is really growing up and now insists she wants to do her own hair. Which I let her do, but I still get the last say so before she leaves the house.

I have tons of pictures I want to post about, but I just haven't had a second to really sit down. But I wanted to write a little down about what we've been doing before the time gets to far gone.

Jeremy and I have really been enjoying the cool mornings out on our porch swing. Our neighborhood is really quiet and in the mornings we will sit out there and eat breakfast.
One of my FAVORITE times of the day.
I was reading in one of my favorite books last night and she was talking about how putting our spouses first make us a better mommy. We need to nourish our relationship with our spouse and put them first. This will actually help our children in the long run.
I love that thought, and I think it took away the guilt I sometimes get thinking my kids should ALWAYS come first. It is ok to put OUR relationship first and in return, we are better and happier parents!
What special things do you and your spouse do to nurture your relationship??


Darci said...
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MelissanWinslow said...

Love your thoughts. Loose teeth don't scare me as much as do the wholes they leave behind!!! I'm always glad when the new teeth come in. Okay you really need to teach me how to do different fonts!!!

Mary Saline said...

I will send you the link with the directions! I really like the change up.


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