Friday, September 4, 2009


With 3 of the kids in school now my house is much more quiet.

I actually get a lot of time to think now.

{These are some thoughts I have had lately}

For years I have always been so caught up in the "getting it all done", and not the "enjoying what I am doing while I am doing it." For about the last 2 months something has really changed in me. I am really enjoying my days with my children so much more. I find that I am relaxing and letting myself get in the floor and play with them or just act silly and not worry about the carpet needing vacuumed or the beds made. I have really enjoyed Fisher being a baby and how sweet and funny he is. It is almost like I am able to sit back and look at my life through new eyes. I have so much to be grateful for. I've always known that, but I never took the time to enjoy all those things. I know it is gift from my Heavenly Father. I have been praying for a long time to be able to relax and not worry so much about the messes and enjoy these mothering moments. As the messes always reappear the next day anyway. Heavenly Father has truly blessed me after many years of pleading and trying to change. I am so grateful for this change, and at a time where I can still enjoy them while they are little. I am so grateful for the knowledge of {Eternal Families}.

Little children are such a blessing from our Father in Heaven. They love you unconditionally. My life is still busy, crazy, frustrating at times, and the messes still exist, and I still deal with all the normal mothering things, but I have so much more patience and love while I am doing it. I am loving each day of it! I realized how these days are flying by and soon I will be wishing them back. Oh how grateful I am for the blessing of being a mother. I love sister Julie B. Beck's Talk "A Mother Heart". I strive each day to continually have a mother heart to bless my children with.


Darci said...

Thanks for the insight. I wish I had learned that a lot earlier, of course if I had more kids I might have figured it out before the last one was 7...

MelissanWinslow said...

Love It!!!

Nicolds6 said...

Exactly!! I am soo glad to have the chance to stay at home with my kiddos!! It has been such a blast with them so far! I can truly say that they are some of my best friends!!! Motherhood is the best!!


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