Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Princess Turned 3

We had such a great time planning Savanna's party. All the kids loved it! I made party bags when for when the party was over and put in fun little toys for each kid. I think she truly felt like a princess for an afternoon! Now all the kids are already planning what they want to do on their birthdays! Three years have really gone by fast. She is really growing up and that makes me sad. She is so small and cute I can't imagine her grown up!


Nicolds6 said...

that is soo dang cute!!! i always want to be "that mom"but for some reason I just never make birthdays that fun! Maybe i'll try harder if for no other reason than to post cute pictures!!

Andy and Michele said...

Oh, how fun! She is so cute. I am amazed at your blog, how it's all scrapbooked and all. It always looks so good.

Mary Saline said...

I had always wanted to be "that mom" but never could bring myself to do it! But this year I decided I was going to do no matter what and it was so worth it! I decided to make birthdays extra special for each person. You should do it, it is really alot of fun!

Suni said...

Oh my cuteness!! Such a girly party! I love the crowns you made and that cake is so cute, I have that pan but haven't made a cake in it yet!! You did a great job, so adorable!!


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