Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Changes are in the air! I love this time of year!!

{I am able to keep my door open most of the day

{I am finding some really great fall recipes

{and when Jeremy and I sit outside in the mornings & evenings I need a sweater! Did I mention I LOVE sweaters!!

I received an email this morning stating "It Was Time". "What had happened to me?" and that "I really needed to update my blog". {Thank you to my Dear Sweet Friend, who I miss a ton, and would really love to be able to hang out with, she also shares my love for FALL!} And while I knew it was true, I have been putting it off. Our family has been sick on and off for about 2 weeks. I am SOOOOOO tired of sick kiddos!! I think we might FINALLY be over all of it. That makes me so happy!

Jeremy and I have both had birthdays. The kids were so disappointed we didn't have cake. On my birthday I was so sick I couldn't get off the couch, so cake was the last thing on my mind. Jeremy's birthday was fun. I made a yummy soup with topping, and I made an Apple Crisp and we had ice cream with it. I can't believe we are so old!!

Last weekend we decided to buy a different vehicle. I absolutely LOVE my Armada. But we are just growing out of it. Kids need more leg room and I need to grocery space. We went with a 9 seat Excursion. I LOVE it! It is SO roomy. Can't wait to go Grocery Shopping!

We have have tons of stuff going on, but with being sick it has all kind of blurred together! I appreciate my health so much more now.

One thing I HAVE to blog about is 3 dear friends. I had been really sick and my house was getting the best of me. While on the phone with one of them I was complaining about it. Well, a couple days later she calls and tells me she is coming to get my kids and will be back with another girlfriend to clean my house. I was mortified! I have done things like that for other people, but have never experienced myself. Well, she reminded me of the RS lesson we had were we are suppose to let other gives service and not refuse them blessings. Well, it was super hard, but I appreciated it SOO much! That to me is what the Gospel is all about. And I had never experienced it on the other side. I would have had NO problem going to there homes and doing the same thing. But to sit while they were serving me was really hard! But it was a wonderful reminder to me that Heavenly Father does love me and it aware of me! Them my sweet visiting teachers brings me dinner, yummy canned treat, and a yummy plate of cookies. That week was a good one for me. Even though I was so sick, I felt better by being loved!

Oh, and I have to mention Conference Weekend. I love Conference. And this one came at a time in my life when I had many questions and struggles going on. And what do you know, they had all the answers I was looking for. I am so grateful for a living Prophet today. And for Apostles and leaders who are inspired from the Lord!

Sweet is the peace the Gospel brings!


Andy and Michele said...

How fun for a new car! Oh, and wasn't conference just great! I love this time of year too, it's wonderful!

Nicolds6 said...

Thats more like it!! I miss you tons when you arent online!! Dont do that to me again!!!I was checking in like 5 times a day because I wanted to know what was up!! Yea I know I'm hopeless

MelissanWinslow said...

Conference was like that for me too. I felt like the answers just kept on comming. Good things. LOVE FALL!! We bought two trees and planted them and their leaves are red (oak and a maple.) I JUST LOVE FALL> HOPE everyone is feeling much better!

BiggsFamily said...

Now I feel like a bad friend/neighbor!!! I totally should have come and grabbed your kids. I always am having these thoughts (or the spirit) telling me these little thoughts in my ear, and maybe one day I will listen!!! I too love fall, the colors, the weather, apples, squash, especially halloween, love to see my kids dress up!!

Suni said...

I am glad you are feeling better!! I love this time of year and conference was sooo good!!

Suni said...

P.S...you have my email so I can be invited to your blog....right??

Mary Saline said...

Yes Suni, I will send an invite! I wouldn't forget you :)

Nicolds6 said...

ps i have totally blogjacked half of your favorites! sorry:)


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