Monday, January 25, 2010

Take A Peek

Into my Week!

Fisher is enjoying leftover popcorn from the night before. Jeremy and the kids watched a Sun's Game together with a treat!
I don't let Fisher eat popcorn yet, so he is loving this.

Savanna and I made Applesauce muffins for an after school night one afternoon.

This is Loralie's first Sewing Project. It is a colored pencil, crayon, small notebook holder for Church. I tried to think something up with straight lines for her. With some help she did wonderful!

Carlee loves to draw and her and the kids made pictures
I thought were pretty cute to post.

This is evidence that Hunter had a piece of fruit. I always find the sticker stuck somewhere after he cleans it with fruit & veggie cleaner.

This is from Loralie. When she gets home from school she puts on comfortable clothes, sits in the recliner with her crayon and whatever projects she is working on. I love it!

This is Fisher's first picture he's ever drawn. Carlee sat down with him and got him started.

Here is Miss Savanna with an earache that kept me up for two night straight. Why do they always get worse at NIGHT???

She finally figured out how to get the bike going on her own. The peddles where hard for her. Now she loves to ride her bike. Yesterday I needed to get to the post office before it closed, so I quickly got the kids round up and put them into the car, put it into drive and I ran something over. Well, I open my door to find her little bike squished. Jeremy is pretty sure he can fix it. Let me just tell you, my rule if NO FRONT YARD. So when I ran that bike over, they got an ear full the whole way to the post office!


Andy and Michele said...

That's such a fun post. Those muffins look wonderful. I heard earaches get worse because they're laying down. Try propping her up on pillows next time. It helps! I'm impressed with the sewing project, that's awesome!

Mary said...

Earaches are the pits. I will try the propping up next time, Thanks!


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