Tuesday, February 16, 2010

[Almond Milk]
Well the Almond milk turned out perfect! I have used it in smoothies and cereal. No one knew the difference except Carlee. I've made 3 batches. We will be keeping it on our menu. And from what I've read there are so many vitamins and minerals.
I don't know about anyone else, but I can't wait till summer. I love the freedom it brings. Plus, I am excited for the baby to get here. There is just something magical about summer. I love when we fill up the pool, make our own Popsicles, the smell of wet grass, and how much sidewalk chalk we go through. (Can you tell I've been thinking about this?) I am really looking forward to it.
[Third Trimester]
Well, I am finally in the 3rd trimester. I am starting to feel it now. I feel pretty good, I just have a hip that gives me trouble once I get bigger. I have almost gained my goal weight, which in NOT good. I am really going to have to be careful this last few months. It is hard on my varicose veins to gain a lot of weight. I sound so old, with all my body complaints! But over all I feel pretty good. Just tired a lot. I have to go back in next month for a 3rd sonogram. The first time they couldn't see the right side of his heart, so we went back, and everything looked great. This time they are concerned maybe one of his feet are turned in slightly. So back we go. It is fun to see the little guy though. Yesterday was a lazy day for me. I read most of the day. Today, my house needs my attention!


Suni said...

I can't wait for summer too! The last part of pregnancy is always hard, I hope it goes by fast!!

Nicolds6 said...

where are you????? call me!! I got a new phone and dont have any of my old stuff!!!! 3072471293!!!! i am worried!!!!


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