Monday, March 22, 2010

Working in the Garden

Jeremy loves to work in the garden. We decided to build garden boxes this year. We hope this will help with weeds and maintaining the garden better. I am really looking forward to having all the veggies we need in our backyard! Jeremy does a fantastic job of having the kids work by his side and teach them about gardening. He was taught by his father and I love he is passing along that love to his children. We have so much that is already coming up. Very Exciting!


Andy and Michele said...

Carlee looks so grown up with her "grandma"! That's fantastic that Jeremy is passing that tradition and knowledge on!

Nicolds6 said...

how fun!!! we are gonna garden this year if it kills me!!! come up here when it is hott there and help me!!! we will go to the lake!!


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