Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today I Feel Joy

{In my motherhood journey}

This morning as I was going about my tasks, I stopped and had to laugh at what was going on around me. First off you have to picture what I look like. I have my fuzzy bright pink robe on and a purple turbie twist in my hair. I had to sneak in a shower this morning before it got crazy. While I am in the shower Hunter asks if he can have cereal for breakfast. Well, about one minute later he comes in crying that is bus is already here. They are 15 minutes early! So he won't get breakfast! Hopefully they will feed him at school. Then Savanna comes in fussing that her dress is bothering her. So we fix that. I get out, put on my robe because they baby is crying. So I change him and come into the living room and check my emails. I get an email that my neighbor is in the hospital. So I call her sister to check on her. Well, during this Graham's diaper leaks all over my fuzzy robe. So I go and change him and then I find Fisher need a diaper change. My house is a wreck, but in the middle of it all I am joyful! To you, this may seem like no big thing. But I am usually a stress case in the morning. With all my daily task laid before me and the pressure to get them all done. But today I am calm. I am enjoying motherhood. Carlee stayed up last night after I had gone to bed and cleaned the kitchen and living. She is such a sweetheart. But I do have to post a picture of the bathroom. I was cracking up when I went in there and saw it. Life has been wonderful lately. The dedication of the temple was beautiful. I can not express enough my gratitude for the blessings of the temple to be at my doorstep. I love the temple! I love the service that is given, I love the way I feel when I step out of the Lord's House, and I love my covenants. There is no other place on earth to gain the renewed strength we need to carry on in our families, work, our service to the Lord and this crazy world. Even though life has been crazy, busy, and most time stressful, I am grateful for today and the joy I am feeling.

Ever wonder what goes on in there??


wilhelmway said...

OK I love the plunger...and I love that you are still smiling! You are great! Looking forward to seeing you guys!

Andy and Michele said...

Yeah, the plunger is hilarious!! Way to go to still feel happy through all that. That is the goal, right? life is going to be crazy, it just is, so we need to just chill and enjoy the ride! Good job!

MelissanWinslow said...

The plunger has to be the best!!
I love it. It's funny how nice it is just to relax, to let it go, and to say, that mess will still be there later. Let's just enjoy it for now,

BiggsFamily said...

My kids are obsessed with our plunger, why?? ha ha. You are a wonderful mom and I am sure your kids know how blessed they are to have you as their mom!! And yes the cleaning will be there tomorrow but all the little moments won't always be. And I am always just a street away if you need some help, I would love to run over anytime! :)!


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