Thursday, July 8, 2010

{2 months old}

Woke up this morning and went for my usual 6:00 walk. Came home to the kids watching t.v. I don't like when the t.v. is turned on first thing in the morning. It makes for a long grouchy day! I am totally dragging today. Ever have some days you don't want to do anything?? That is me today! I am so tired. Graham has been sleeping really well at night too. I don't know what I would do if he was up. I think Heavenly Father is blessing me. Yesterday was Grahams 2 month check up. He is getting so big, TOO fast! This summer is flying by. He is such a sweet baby! I am treasuring all my time with him. Knowing he is our last make each thing he does so precious. We love you Graham!

1 comment:

Suni said...

He is so cute, I know they just grow up too fast! You are such a good digital scrap booker!


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