Monday, September 13, 2010

A Time Out

Jeremy and I decided we needed a time out.  So we farmed out all the kids but Graham, had Friday night to ourselves, and went up Graham Mountain Saturday for the day.  It was the best weekend ever!  We got some of our favorite food to take, and just relaxed.  I took tons of pictures.  I had had a crazy couple weeks and needed to relax and clear my head.  How grateful I am for a beautiful mountain so close to enjoy!  This trip was a reminder to me how much I love Jeremy and the fun we have together.  Once you get so many kids in the mix it is easy to forget such things and get wrapped up in all the needs of the children.  We decided we will have to do this at least every 3 months!

1 comment:

Andy and Michele said...

Oh, that sounds so nice! I agree - you're marriage totally needs timeouts to survive. Isn't our mountain beautiful?!


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