Friday, October 29, 2010

Fond Memories

As a child is was a very common thing for our family to load up in one of our dad's old trucks, maybe with a camper shell, maybe not, head out into the hills {aka- desert} and spend a Saturday.  I remember how much I loved riding on the tail gate and dragging old sticks we had found out there out of dead old cactus.  He usually owned a small truck and we were able to jump off the tailgate and jump back on while he was going.  I can remember him saying "Stay on, you'll get hurt!".  We would play and explore and get dirty.  I loved it! I loved the days of riding in the back of the truck and feeling the wind take your breath away.  Sometimes my dad would put cushions down in the back of truck and then we would go up and down bumpy roads.  We thought that was just the thrill of a lifetime!  To be a kid again!

I think that is why I still love the desert and going out into the hills so much.  It is such a peaceful place to me.  The other day Jeremy wanted to go and check out his game camera he had out in the hills somewhere and we took Hunter, Fisher, and my dad.  Jeremy and Hunter went off on the 4 wheeler and my dad, Fisher and I stayed at the truck.  Those memories came flooding back into my mind.  We never had much money as I was growing up, but my mom and dad always made sure we were together doing something.  I loved my childhood and need to thank my parents more, for now I know how much work it really was!

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