Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It happened.....and I am dealing with it

I turned 30.  It happened the end of September.  I am still coming to terms with the whole idea of no longer being the "Young" mom or one of the "Young Couples" in the ward.   This is a new season of life for me. Within the last 6 months many changes have happened for me.  We had our caboose in May.  It seems sad in a way to never have another newborn or to be pregnant again.  Even though I totally know our family is complete, it still saddens me.  We lost Jeremy's mother.  She was a mother to me and one of my best friends.  And now turning 30 is a major milestone.  All of these things are a part of life, and I know that great times are a head, but they are hard. 

Before I knew it, my children seem to be growing at a crazy fast past.  Time is speeding forward and I feel like I desperately want it to stop.  Since loosing dear Linda I have come to realize just how precious and fragile time and family are.  I feel like I can't get enough of either one.  Watching the things my children do seem so amazing as I watch it happening.  Even if it is just playing some imaginative life in the back yard or Savanna playing at her kitchen. 

I have felt such a strong impression to to make my home a place of simplicity.  A place with less belongings to get into the way of making strong family relationships that include teaching and learning the Gospel. A home where less time is spent on dealing with things.  A home of love and peace.  A home where time is made for simple pleasures.  We get too caught up in homework, housework, and other out of the home activities, that is leaves little if any time to play together and really talk.  One thing I did a while ago is shut off the TV.  There were only a few complaints the first few days.  It is amazing to see what all they make and do together now.  It has given us back so many hours in the day!

I have been given a gift, almost like being able to see life as it really is for me and my family.  I strongly believe that the more we seek to know from Heavenly Father what our purpose is, and what we can do to fulfill that purpose, he will guide us little by little each day in simple ways to accomplish those things he sent us here to do.

If it took turning 30 to see life this way, and the trials to make me appreciate it all, then I am glad for my life's trials and what they help me to become.


MelissanWinslow said...

Mary, You are awesome. I love your outlook on life. You keep me focused on the eternal nature of things. Thanks!

Nicole said...

Hi, Mary. Have you ever seen the Lazy Organizer? (blog) I think she actually calls it Minimixe, Not Organize now. I think you and she would get along. ;-)


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