Friday, October 22, 2010

It's that TIME again.....

{to get off SUGAR!}

Why is it soooo hard??  I can tell that my body is saying "STOP!!!".  And with the holidays coming, it will only get worse.  I need to commit now and get a habit going.  I am committing to a treat once a week once I can get a handle on it.  I really need to loose the rest of my baby weight and I want to have more energy!  Plus I have been feeling super stressed and I know sugar makes that worse. 

Anyone want to partner up with me in this challenge??

So my plan is changing my diet, doing some kind of exercise daily with some meditation.  It helps me to  release stress.

Can you believe the holidays are around the corner??


Nicolds6 said...

I am totally in!!!! text me! i wiped my cell and lost all my contacts!! when do you want to start???? Oh P.S> Kelley wants to get in touch with Jeremy. We found an awesome mutant deer, he wants to get picture to him.

BiggsFamily said...

I am doing that again right now, I did the HCG thing and didn't have any sugar for almost 2 months, and then thought I would eat one of the boys's snacks, SO GROSS!! I am back on it now until Thanksgiving so Im with ya!!

Mary said...

Ok girls, I have to know what you are eating cause my food is going to get boring. Jen, Jeremy said for Kelly to send the pic to his email

MelissanWinslow said...

yeah, I ate 4! cookies this morning. Stress is a real motivator for me to snack! I do really good when I have the 100 calorie packs. Not so good with the real ones.

BiggsFamily said...

Apples are a great substitution for me!! If you cut it up and slowly cook it with cinammon sprinkled on it, it is really really good!! I also love grapes, I freeze them and its a nice change. Maybe these will help? haha I struggle with it everyday and Im with Melissa the stress doesn't make it any easier!! hang in there!


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