Friday, December 24, 2010

My Birthday Weekend

[The Details]

For the past few years Jeremy has let me choose where we go on my birthday.  His birthday is just 5 days later so it means a lot to me!  For the past 2 years we have gone up to Big Lake and enjoyed the weekend.  This year we stayed with our Fabulous friends, the McNeill family, in Springerville.  It just happened to be Melissa's Super Saturday along with the  General Relief Society Broadcast.  So we went for part of the afternoon and made some fun projects, then went back that night for dinner and the broadcast.  It was so much fun!  Her friends were just a delight to be with!  Dinner was so yummy and the broadcast was such a spiritual uplift!  We stayed till Sunday and went to their ward for church.  I really enjoyed Relief Society.  Probably so much since I didn't have to do a thing but sit back and take it all in.  Sunday afternoon we made our way to Vernon and visited with our other Fabulous friends we love dearly too, the Wilhelm's.  We had dinner and visited.  They are always so easy and fun to be with.  Every time we leave, I want to move up there!  I seriously need to visit in the winter, I heard it will make me change my mind.  We had great food and company all weekend!  I LOVE my birthday weekends!

[Big Lake] Crawdad Fishing

[Dutch Oven Cooking] Yummy McNeill Cooking!

One of the afternoons we were there the boys took most of the kids and went up to Big Lake to fish while Melissa & I let the little kids take naps.  That evening Melissa & loaded up the kids in the excursion and we drove up to Big Lake to cook dinner.  Melissa had all the stuff prepared to cook in the dutch oven.  We had Chicken and Veggies.  It was so delicious!  Then with Jeremy in charge he helped the kiddos make smores.  We had a super fun evening.  Melissa taught us lots of fun camping songs, the kids drank way too much soda, and we laughed a ton!  The kids had a fun time building a fort out of all the wood they could find.


MelissanWinslow said...

I love it when you're here. I'm sure that's why I call you ALL THE TIME!!! You inspire me, make me want to do better, and make me feel good about who I am right now! There are few people in the world who are as fabulous of a friend to me as you are!!!

Mary said...

Well, I feel just the same! Thank you so much too for your friendship! Next week when Jeremy goes back you'll hear a lot more from me again! Can't wait to hear how Christmas went and the wedding.


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