Friday, January 14, 2011

I was totally tricked!

So yesterday, in the middle of many toddler meltdown, make-up dumped out, chocolate chips spilt and eaten, counters climbed, vitamin C eaten like candy, the highchair being pushed to whatever he wanted 50 times, it was then I realized that I was totally tricked!  Fisher was the sweetest, most quiet, happy, get into nothing little boy.  And in a matter of ONE DAY, he is a MONSTER!  That is the only word to accurately describe the little guy!  He has octopus arms I swear! 

He was my quiet never say a word child, and now he screams all the time out of no where!  How is it that we forget from one child to the next?? I am really afraid because Graham is the same as Fisher was as a baby.  Can I survive another one???  Thank goodness he is sweet and loving too! 
I just remind myself that the Lord will never give me more then I can handle!

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