Monday, January 10, 2011

My Deer

I got this deer on the last day of the hunt.  It was the day after a beautiful snowstorm.  The day was cold, but once you were hiking you really got warm.  We hiked up the mountain side where you could see all the way around you.  It was just beautiful.  Fresh snow that had never been touch.  It was fun to see the animal tracks and where they had gone.  It was fun to be with Jeremy out there enjoying the beauty.  He has a love for deer hunting, and I have a love for him.  So we make a perfect match when hunting!  If it wasn't for Jeremy I know that I wouldn't get out and enjoy nature as much as I should.  When you are out there you really appreciate all that God has given us.


Nicolds6 said...

so way very cool!!! I love it and Kelley is jealous because I have yet to catch anything(lol I put the work catch on there just for Jeremy and Kelley)

Mary said...

Jeremy laughed when he saw your comment about "Catching" something. You are in some beautiful country, you should try again to "catch" something!


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