Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break Day 2

Well, yesterday's weather was much nicer and the kids enjoyed some outside play.  I sewed pillows all day.  This is a project I have been looking forward too.  They turned out better then I expected.  I am hoping they will add that soft, bright, happy feel I am looking for.

Jeremy's dad came and got Hunter so the two of them could plant his garden.  Hunter loves to work with his grandpa's and loves to work outside.  This was some special time to be one of one with Grandpa.

Carlee had Activity Day.  They are preparing for their Mini Triathlon.  Both girls will be participating and are so excited.  I can't wait.   I love to watch my kids do athletic things.

After a yummy dinner we went and spent the evening with Jeremy's dad.  His house is always relaxing to me.  So far Spring Break has been fabulous!


Andy and Michele said...

How do you sew with your kids around? I LOVE the pillows. They look like they came straight out of Pottery Barn or something. SOOO cute!

BiggsFamily said...

I also LOVE your pillows!! SO talented!! They make such a simple yet elegant change!! I may have to come over for some lessons, in all our spare time haha :)!!

Suni said...

Love the pillows and the colors, you are so talented!!

Mary said...

Thank you everyone! They are fun and easy!!


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