Friday, August 19, 2011

two more

I love books!

And this is the time of year I tend to "stock" my library.

I am LOVING both of these books.  I have been waiting for MONTHS for

to come out.  It was just as good as I had anticipated!  I am so excited.  We are changing around rooms and I am going to get to have a {Learning Studio} for the kids and a {Library/Writing Room} for the whole family.  Below is a room I adore that was on the {Playful Learning} website.  Go there! Have FUN!!

This author has a blog that is so much fun and inspiring!  She has two more books two!  I have them all!  So our weekend project will be taking apart beds, putting them back together, organizing closets, and decorating rooms!   The kids are so excited and so am I!

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