Thursday, August 18, 2011

two of our MOST {favorite} books

Hunter has been having so much fun with this book!  The projects are perfect for his age and years to come.  There are so many great things for boys to learn to do.  I love to see him carrying it around with him and find joy in a book! Plus it keeps his little mind busy doing good things!

{Project List}

*Making a Buckeye Bow {Archery}
*Home-Made Fishing Tackle
*Home-Made Boat

My girls are loving their book too!  Such lovely girls things to do in this book.  I love how it teaches what was done years ago.  My girls think the projects are so cool!  Can't wait to post a finish project.                                    

{Project list}

*Botany As Applied to Art (Painting using plant designs)
*Making Your Own Picture Frame
*Making Holiday decor

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Andy and Michele said...

I will have to check those out! Don't you love finding treasured books??? See you later today!


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