Thursday, September 8, 2011


While at the lake this weekend the kids went on many "adventures" together.  This time the girls came back with the most gorgeous {dandelions} I have ever seen.  They were huge!  The girls were so excited to show me and equally excited to make a {wish} and blow them!  Before they were ready to blow they all thought of a wish.  Afterward Savanna told me her wish.  She wished she could be a mom someday.  I thought that was so sweet!  She will be a wonderful mother I just know it! 

This day at the lake was my favorite.  It was our last day there.  We got there about 10:00 and left at 3:30.  It didn't rain a drop on us which was rare cause it had been raining everyday. 

We laid down our blanket and made our little home under a tree for those hours. The grass was lush and green in there.  Just the perfect softness.  It was calm and peaceful. The cool breeze was perfect.  This is why I love the mountains and the lake.  I always take my books and notebook and lots of pens.  I read, ponder, relax, breath deep, and prioritize my life there.  We are happy and free for those short moments.  Free to play, think, talk, sleep, relax, pick flowers, catch fish, and have fun together without the stress of daily living.  It is amazing how with so little stuff that you can feel so free.  I am so grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who created this beautiful earth.  He knew just what we would need to find peace in this busy world of ours.

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