Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Holy Ghost

Carlee was helping me bath the kids the other night which she does a lot for me.  She had gotten them undressed and was starting the water.  She was going to plug the tub and let it feel up with water when she felt a really warm feeling in her body and the thought came that she shouldn't feel up the tub, so she didn't.  Then during the bath Graham got mad and throw himself back all the way.  Had the tub been full of water he would have went under all the way.  She knew it was the Holy Ghost who warned her.  She was so happy to followed the prompting. 

As a mother it was so special to see her face light up and feel the love of our Heavenly Father in her life.  Carlee is such a sweet and special young lady.  I know that she will live her life in a way that she will be worthy of the Spirit in her life.  She has a love for people like her Heavenly Father does.  I love you Carlee and am so proud of the good person you choose to be!

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