Thursday, December 22, 2011


We all went over to grandpa's house and helped him decorate his house.
I love his decorations.
I have such warm memories of Linda as I see each one.
She has been missed this Christmas by each of our hearts greatly.
As we were making our Christmas treats each child expressed what they used to love that she cooked and baked each year.  She passed on her Christmas sugar cookie recipe.  It is one I hold dear to my heart.  She would always make them into the shape of small Christmas and we would help her put green frosting on each one.  Her caramel popcorn was divine.  But what I miss the most is each time we would walk in the door she would great us by saying, "There's those kids!" with a warm smile.  She always made you feel special and loved.  I could not have been blessed with a sweeter mother in law.  She was a second mother to me.  I love her and am so grateful for the knowledge that we will be with her again.  

Lynn is a real trooper!  He is always putting up with our craziness.  He has done such a wonderful job of acting as Grandpa & Grandma.  He gets the kids little things and always makes them feel special.  They go on four-wheeler rides and walks.  We are so grateful to live so close and for our kids to spend so much time with him. We are looking forward to our family Christmas party at his house.  We love you Grandpa!

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