Saturday, December 10, 2011

{weekend adventure}

We decided since the weather was so lovely Saturday we would take a drive out to Cluff Ponds and let the kids play around.  They had many "adventure" as they call them.  We took tin foil dinners and enjoyed the afternoon.  Fisher caught 2 fish and Savanna caught 1.  Graham enjoyed eating everything he could find.  I think that is why I love Arizona so much.  We have many wonderful winter days where you can be outside and play.  The kids collects bottle caps and played hide & seek.  It was a little cold so the warm fire was nice.

Hunter and my dad built a boat together.  Hunter has been dying to try it out in the water.  So for Hunter, Saturday was a great day!

After we got home Jeremy, Loralie, and Hunter cleaned the fished and we had a fish fry.

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