Sunday, January 8, 2012

celebrating a new year

New Year's Eve at our house was amazing this year!
The kids had so much fun making decorations for our party.
We prepared food together, laughed, and played.
Jeremy and Hunter were gone for the day.
The party started when they arrived home.
We celebrated with New York at 10:00 our time.  Only two 
out of 6 feel asleep.  I was impressed.

Each child set a goal for the year and then received a yummy chocolate bar.
They loved this idea!

Carlee's Goal- Finish her Faith in God (Can you believe she will be 12 this year??!!)
Loralie's Goal- To be Happy, Obedient, and Peaceful
Hunter's Goal- No fighting
Savanna's Goal- Be nice to everyone
Fisher's Goal- Learn how to play baseball

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