Wednesday, January 4, 2012

{family work}

We packed up the kids and headed over to Jeremy's dad house to pick pecans.
This is a favorite place for our little family.
This is where Jeremy grew up.
This was the original Saline homestead.  The barn is my favorite.
It is peaceful there.  
I love to see all the children's imagination go wild while we visit.

There is something special about a place you grew up.
I love to hear Jeremy's stories of  his childhood.

Pecans are a treat in our family.  We keep a bucket on the back porch with a hand nut cracker.  My children all the way to Fisher will sit outside on the porch rocker and crack pecans.
There is something special about working side by side with your family using your hands to comb the ground and search for pecans.  I love each season.  Winter brings crunchy leaves and bare trees.  Jackets, boots, and gloves.  Warm fires and blankets.  

What are you enjoying this Winter?

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