Tuesday, January 10, 2012

{Field Trip} Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

This was an amazing day.  My sweet father took this trip on with me.  We have been studying the state of  Arizona and Arizona Indians.  The kids had the best time.  This museum is well worth the money and time to get there.  So many hands on activities.  I was very impressed.  The atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing.  We stayed 3 1/2 hours!  There was so much to do and see that my kids cried when they closed.

The kids loved the turtles.  This was the cutest place!

We even got to try on BAT ears!
It was hilarious!

The ice cream was yummy and it was just hot enough for it.

Loralie has been asking for a turtle lately for her upcoming birthday.  So she was the one that loved this exhibit. I think she might just be getting her little wish.

This was the neatest area.  You put on goggles and had a little sweeper 
and you sweep for dinosaur
 bones.  They thought this was awesome.  
We stayed here for a long time.

This was a giant Dinosaur leg.  It was pretty neat.


The kids learned a lot and asked when we could go back.  My poor little feet were killing me but it was well worth it.  Next time I will be wearing good walking shoes.  All the animals were so fun and the bird area was so quiet and peaceful.  My kids loved that part.  We sat on a concrete bench and relaxed and found all kind of beautiful birds.  Not all of our outing turn out this wonderful, but this one was fabulous!

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