Wednesday, January 25, 2012

{Gratitude~Cookies~Fake Haircuts}

So I have had a lot of time to myself lately.  Jeremy has been gone to Congo for work.  I have been enjoying lots of reading and relaxing in the evenings.  But I have also been a single parent, which is NOT easy.  We have done so well this time.  This is his 4th trip.  I am counting down the days, but trying to be positive and look to what I can gain from this time apart.

I went shopping yesterday and found this journal.  How is it that things are put before you just when you need it most?  My goal is to fill one page a day with all I am grateful for in my life at that moment.

We have been making way too many cookies since Jeremy has been gone.  But we have so enjoyed them!  I think the kids have the recipe memorized.

I had to tease Jeremy while he was gone.  I told him I cut my hair. He loves my hair long.  So I had to ruffle some feathers and told him I cut it. So of course he wanted a picture. So I sent him this.....

He believed it. Then he asked for another one and wanted to see a better view.  Well that is when my cover was blown.  So I sent him this so he could dry his tears.
He did say he loved me no matter who long my hair was.

I miss him.  Home is not the same without him.  There is something wonderful about a husband and having the priesthood in your home.  You can feel the difference when they are gone.  I am just grateful for such a hard worker and provider.  I can't imagine leaving my family and comforts of home like he does.  We sure do love him and miss him!

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MelissanWinslow said...

ha ha ha. you are so funny! I'll have to do that to Winslow some time.


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