Monday, December 8, 2008

2 HUGE parenting moments

Ok, first off I am proud to announce Savanna is POTTY TRAINED!!!! And she did it HERSELF. I was not ready to do it right now, but I let her wear the training pants and all that. Within a week she is doing it herself without accidents! SWEET!! No more diapers! Ok, only Fisher now I should say.

Now for my next moment. Well I have to say I was not ready for this one at all. I knew this would happen someday, but not at this age! My oldest child decides she will use her free agency for the first time. So after school both girls get off the bus (or so I thought!) and come in the door. Well Loralie comes in all upset and telling me something that I can barely understand. So once I really listen I realize she is telling Carlee didn't get off the bus. So I ask her if she was on the bus, and she ways yes. So I figure she went to her friends house and got off the bus there. So I call twice with no answer. So in my HOUSE SHOES I drive over there, and sure enough, there she was. Trying to act like it was normal!!! I nicely told her to get into the suburban and she was not suppose to be here without asking. So when we arrived home she went straight to her bed to do her homework. I called her father and told him, which he said he will talk to her when he got home. I was in total shock. This wasn't like Carlee at all. So I decided I need to make her FEEL like it was wrong. Not just lecture her. So that night we sat down with her and talked about the situation. I know older kids do things like this. But at this age??? IS this normal??? For all you moms with older children I would love to hear some feedback. What works?? What doesn't??


MelissanWinslow said...

ha ha ha. Okay,it's all good. Don't freak. Abby started using her Free Agency to leave the house at 4 years old. She totally left the house and walked almost half a mile to a friends house, who wasn't home so she walked back. All barefoot. A nice neighbor lady saw her walking and found me frantically walking the streets calling her name. We curbed the behavior until this year. She already has numerous times worn clothing under clothing, taken toys to school and had them confiscated, oh my favorite was when she hid them in her HAT! They don't do it to be naughty. They are just realizing they are big enough to make decisions. So sit down and tell her how exciting it is to grow up and make decisions and do things, but that there are dangers, so she needs to let mom and dad help keep her safe with rules. Anyway. You'll do fine. Laugh, only not in front of her. And then realize she's growing up. Pray, and help her to make good and safe choices. Hang in there!

Jeremy and Mary said...

Thanks so much Melissa! It is always nice to hear others have gone through the same thing. What will we do when they are teenagers??

MelissanWinslow said...

I don't know. They sure keep us hopping though!


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