Monday, December 15, 2008

Word to the WISE!

Last Sunday the RS lesson was about having a good atmosphere in our home. The lesson was wonderful. During the lesson an older lady, who is a grandma, with obvious memory loss speaks up. She thinks us "young moms" should turn off the DVD player in the car and "talk" more to our children during trips. The idea sounds just wonderful, doesn't it?? So this last Friday we are headed to Phoenix for my post op ear appt. and we don't have the dvd player. So things are going good and we're "talking" and all is well. Well, by the time we get to Globe it is totally out of control. Hunter and Loralie are in the backseat fighting, hitting, all the kids stuff they like to do when you can't reach them. The baby is crying, and Savanna is hungry. I am about ready to jump out, and then all of sudden Carlee yells "Are we there yet??" Jeremy and I just busted up laughing. It was a classic moment. Like the ones you see on the t.v.! Laughing was about all we could do. So a word to the wise. Take the DVD player and "talk" while your changing movies!! On a good note we did get to see the Temple lights this year. They were just beautiful! But to top off the whole trip, I had sitting on the dash some frys with ketchup from In and Out Burger. Hunter gets into the car first when we are leaving the temple, so I tell him to get right into his seat. What was I thinking?? He climbs into the front, gets the frys, and they dump face down into my diaper bag. Frys, ketchup, the container all into my diaper bag. You can imagine what happened next!!! Lucky for Hunter, we were still on the Temple Grounds. Now I can laugh. Not so funny Friday night when I was cleaning it up!


Nicolds6 said...

That is awesome!! I have so been there.All I can say is that there is a reason someone was inspired to invent an in car DVD for the spills and craziness, I am thankful that someone was just as inspired to invent leather seats!!!

Jeremy and Mary said...

Too bad I don't carry a leather diaper bag!


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