Wednesday, January 7, 2009

just keeping it REAL

I always love to read my friend Jennifer's posts. She is always REAL about their life. I love to read about family vacations, but often wonder what really happens behind the scenes. I thought it would be fun to scrapbook one of our family outings on the more REAL side of things. We decided to take the kids up to Crazy Horse to play in the snow during their Christmas Break. We took stuff to cook for lunch and had a really great time. But, as any mom knows, everything isn't always a dream.

I think he really thought his fingers would be cold forever. Well, he acted like that anyway. But daddy came and blew some warm air on them, and once again he could feel them. What a great daddy! Not only for saving Hunter's fingers, but for planning the whole trip. Jeremy is really good about planning little trips for me and kids. We love you Daddy!


Nicolds6 said...

Awesome!! I totally love it!!

Andy and Michele said...

Way cute blog! Those snow days always have someone in tears! We all hate cold hands and feet, so it's a love/hate emotion when playing in it. I'm glad you found me. Now I'll tell my visiting teacher supervisor, "well, I didn't quite make it to her house, but I checked out her blog!" :)

Jeremy and Mary said...

I love it,I might use that one Michele! You will probably find out more about us from my blog than by just asking me! I tend to blab on my blog:)

The Cluff's said...

I love your blog! Your kids are so cute. We love having Hunter over to play. Can't wait to have our "Vent Party!"

Mark and Mary said...

Hey Mary, i love your scrapbooking! i need some pointers. man, your oldest, carlee, looks just like you! what a cute family!


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