Monday, January 26, 2009

"What Have I Been Doing?" you ask.

I don't really know myself. That is why I haven't posted in FOREVER.
I haven't really gone anywhere exciting. I did get to go to Mesa with my dad alone (had Fisher of course). I was able to go to a session at the Temple. Much needed!
I have been doing alot for my calling (Food Storage Specialist). The RS president and I have a Back to Basics group we organized and have a monthly activity. This month was a 3 month supply presentation to figure out what you would need to shop for have 3 months worth of food on your shelves. It went very well. It was a little stress, but not bad. I didn't have to talk or anything. Just plan. For anyone who knows me, public speaking and I are NOT friends. Next month we are assembling 72 Hour kits. So Eileen and I have been shopping for that. We look pretty funny going out of the store with 4 baskets full of odd food. But we were able to do a little missionary work at the check out stand with the cashier! She was very interested in our endeavor.
Jeremy and I found out yesterday HUNTER has been kicked out of his primary class for the past two Sundays. Funny story to go along with that. The Primary President called last night to CLEAR UP a few things. She was worried Hunter might come home and tell us the HIS story. she has to come and get him from his primary class because he was misbehaving. She takes him in the primary room to sit with her. Well, I am not sure why, but he kicked her in the shin. He has done it to me before. So she told him, "Don't kick me again". And of course he did. So she said "If you kick me again I will kick you back." let me add this is a women who has raised 4 boys. I am not too worried. And he just couldn't help himself and kicked her again. So instead of kicking him, she hits him in the shin with her knuckle. So he yells"Hey, that not a kick, that a HIT"! She just starts busting up laughing. Than he gets mad at her and yells "You laughin at me"! Jeremy was cracking up when she was telling him the story. So we promised to do what any good parent would do,
TALK to him.
Will we use bribery?
Most likely!
Will he behave??
I'll be praying all week he will.
Do I like sitting in primary with 10 4 year olds?
Not really.
And that is what will happen if he doesn't behave.
Can you tell I've done this before??
And now for Miss Savanna. Two Sundays ago while I am taking a shower, and JEREMY is WATCHING her, she decides to paint her own toenails.
Did she choose a great color?
Of course!!
But it got all over my carpet. Her toes turned out great though! For a 2 year old anyway. Here is the finished product.

I came into my room on a later date and found her like this.
I thought it was too cute. She was acting so serious.

As for this week, I have Visiting Teaching planned.
I am looking forward to any new exciting adventures that will come my way! They are to strengthen us, aren't they??

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