Thursday, March 5, 2009

Can you Believe it????!!!!!!!

Unbelievable! I get up this morning, start making breakfast, and Savanna comes in all decked out like a princess. She looks so cute. She gets up on the bar stool and starts eating her toast and fruit shake. I just had to take a picture and thought I would post about how I ate breakfast with a PRINCESS this morning. So I go to turn on my camera, and it won't work. So I change the batteries, still nothing. The dumb thing is broken!! So now I am going to be camera shopping, since Jeremy said it isn't worth fixing!! Anyone have a camera they love and would like to recommend I look into to??? I haven't bought a camera in years! I can't live without a camera. I suppose I could, but life wouldn't be as much fun!


wilhelmway said...

I love mine...I am a canon fan, but I got a really great deal. I just ordered trenda one you can check out clearance they have some good deals.

Suni said...

I love my canon shoots fast, I only wish I knew how to work all the options on it! Oh and I got it at costco.


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