Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am going Crazy!

Not having my computer, that is! Jeremy brings his laptop home at night so I can check my email and stuff. But I can do nothing with photos, word documents, and stuff like that. Dell said our computer would be here by the 22nd and then we get an email saying it has been delayed and it wont be here till July 1st. When we get our computer finally going, I will be blogging like a crazy person.

We have been doing some fun things though. My dad brought us a horse trough. The kids have been swimming in it everyday. We are also finally getting a slide for our swing set. I think we are going to attach it to the play house. The kids are way excited.

Jeremy has been working alot outside on our garden and the chicken coop. I can't wait till the chickens start to lay.Fisher is growing up too fast. He is walking along furniture and doing all kinds of big boy things. he is also learning to sleep through the night now. Without the help of mommy. Can't wait to post pictures.

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MelissanWinslow said...

I LOVE YOUR GUTS MARY!!! I miss you tons! AND...my house is CLEAN shocker! we are so going to have to convince our hubbies to move Up North so we can have a fun subdivision where we can hang out and let our kids play play play. Guess what? Today I was watering my plants and my Bleeding Heart plant is comming up...I know it's silly but I am so pumped. My lettuce is comming up and even the corn. Hurray!


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