Sunday, August 2, 2009

Phone Message

Yesterday Jeremy and I were able to go to Mesa AlONE to buy school clothes and attend the temple. It was a fabulous day. We haven't been alone on a trip in forever! We got some great buys on jeans for the kids. We ate at my favorite place, Olive Garden, and he even bought me my favorite Dessert there. The temple was wonderful. We did sealings this time. There were 3 other couples performing sealings with us. So all 7 of us, including the sealer, get into the elevator and go up to the top floor to a sealing room. Well just when the door is suppose to open, only the elevator door opens. Not the exit door. If you know me very well I am deathly afraid of elevators. I will search out stairs and climb the alone to avoid an elevator. My legs go weak when I get into one. So when this happened, as you can imagine, I panic. The sealer says, "well, this has never happened before." all calm like 7 sardines are not crammed in there. So another lady in there finally says, "what is the next step to getting out!" Then one of the men start pushing on the door and after a few seconds it opens. I jumped out so fast, Jeremy was a laughing at me. That was a first for me and hopefully a last! Well after a long wonderful day we got home and I found this message on my message board Carlee wrote for me. I thought you might get a laugh out of it Melissa!

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