Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary Jeremy!

This day 10 years ago Jeremy and I were married in the Mesa Arizona Temple. What a special day it was. If you can believe it, while we were taking our pictures outside before the wedding we were sweating it was so hot! It is hard to remember most of it due to all the excitement. But one thing I will never forget was right before we were to leave my aunts house and go to the temple Jeremy come up to me and he had eaten oreos for breakfast and his teeth were full of cookies. Now I laugh, then I cried! He was so easy going, me, I was a stress case. Two opposites came together that day. And after 10 years, we have learned to love those things about each other. At first we both wanted to change them. Now we realize they help compliment each other.

{In 10 years we have accomplished a lot together}

Jeremy completed his Bachelors Degree

Moved 4 times

Was offered a great job

We bought and old home and fixed it up

Were lucky enough to sell that home and build a new home

Blessed with 5 healthy sweet children in our home, with number 6 on the way!

Learned a ton through the many trials of life, which will only

help prepare us for the many more to come

No gray hair yet!!

Looking forward to the next 10 years!

Even though life has been hard it has been worth it. I don't think we would be the same people if we hadn't had the trials in our lives. We look at things differently and are better able to help other and have compassion. I am so grateful for eternal families, and the knowledge that all this work will not be for nothing. We will end up together with our families and our Heavenly Father if we continue to endure things faithfully. I thought I loved Jeremy 10 years ago, but I had no idea what love really was. Love has a whole new meaning for me now.

I love you Jeremy!

Happy Anniversary Sweetie!


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Love the anniversary blog. So Cute. I like the announcement at the end.


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