Friday, November 13, 2009

Number 6 & Grateful for the noise

This is my first post about the baby. Not that I am not excited, but I just haven't really been in the blogging mood! I am really excited for the baby! I have been able to see the baby twice and seen the heart beat. That is always nice to have that reassurance. My feelings are that it is a Boy. But that many be because it would be the next in line being we have 3 girls and 2 boys. So I am not sure. But we've decided to not find out this time. This will be our last baby, and I do want one surprise! I really think it will be special to find out at the birth. Knowing this will be our last seems sad to me. But at the same time I am excited for the next faze of our life. Carlee is 9 and really getting older. It is fun to see her grow and mature. I really wish I would have had the same outlook I have now when the the girls were little. I don't feel I enjoyed each little moment like I am now. I was busy worrying TOO much about a clean house and being a SUPER MOM. Now my house is mostly a mess all day, the kitchen is well used, and the bathroom floors are usually a mess. But we have fun. We play and cook. We clean and play. But I've learn tomorrow will come, but they will grow each day.
I am so grateful for families. Grateful for Heavenly Father's plan of families. That all the work, tears, laughs, joys, trials, struggles, knowledge, will all be used in the Eternities with our family. It makes it all worth it. Knowing these children are only on loan, and that they belonged to our Father in Heaven first, and that we're here to help them return to Him, makes me rethink some of my parenting ways. I am so grateful that we are able to bring children into our home so easily. For some it is not so easy. My heart aches for them. There is NO other joy in the world like children. When I am away from them I miss them. I enjoy the quit, but am so grateful the noise will be there when I get home. This life is hard, but I am so glad I've gotten the chance to be here!


Nicolds6 said...

I am so glad that it is finally out of the bag!!I wasnt' sure when to say something online but now I can!! I am so excited for you and your new tininess!!! It will be good to have a caboose!! it is sad when you think of having your last child but you still have soo much fun in store!! TRUST ME!!!

BiggsFamily said...

YEAH!! I am excited to now that its on your blog!! :)! You are such an awesome mother and I look up to you with your children in amazement!!! I am excited for you to have another cute blond headed little baby, boy or girl they will be adorable!!

Suni said...

Congrats, I can't believe you are having your 6th baby, that is so exciting! I remember living just down the way from you guys at NAU! Its so true about loving all the little moments and really enjoying them!!

Mary Saline said...

Time has gone by too fast! I miss the NAU days sometimes. Life was easier, I just didn't know it than! :)

MelissanWinslow said...

Can I just say I love you to death. And I totally need you to teach me how to digital scrapbook!!! he he. I love your outlook on life. Love that your house isn't perfect, Love that you totally love the gospel, and LOVE LOVE LOVE that the good Lord saw fit to make us Friends.


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