Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Deep Conversation

Picture Savanna and I sitting in the rocking chair at 9:30 at night. This is how the conversation goes.

Savanna, "Ok, mom, listen. When I am a mom and your my baby, and daddy and Carlee and Loralie and Hunter and Fisher are my babies, I am going to CHEW BUBBLE GUM and clean and cook and make dinner."

Mom, "Are you going to play with me in the floor with toys?"

Savanna, "Yes mom."

Mom, "Are you going to yell at me?"

Savanna, "NO, mom."

Mom, "Ok, that sounds fun."

Savanna, "I am going to CHEW BUBBLE GUM."

Now this whole bubble gum thing is not because I chew bubble gum, it is because I DESPISE it! I won't let it in my house. It is gross and sticky and yucky! So therefore all my kids want to know the age they are allowed to chew it. My answer, 21. So, they are all looking forward to being 21. Until then, we are staying gum free!

I do think it is funny how Savanna sees adulthood when she grows up. I will have to break it to her she will be getting her own kids. We won't be hers. All she talks about is being a mom and her kids. She loves to play dolls. She is such a sweet little girl. And I mean literally little!


Nicolds6 said...

that is so dang cute!!! I am so glad you are writing it down!!!

Darci said...

What is really going to be funny is if she also bans chewing gum from her house & kids! Roxie was explaining to me last night how she is going to PLAN all her babies so they are born in the summer because it's too hot to be pregnant in the summer. I laughed and told her she had no idea what she was talking about!

BiggsFamily said...

That is so cute!! Ryan talks that way too, as if, he grows bigger and we get smaller!! ha ha love it!


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