Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I've caught a case of LUNCH BURNOUT!! I need lunch ideas. Everyday I really dread lunch time. We very rarely have leftovers from dinner. I guess I am raising 5 little pigs. Or you could give me dinner ideas that are great for leftovers. I decided I need a cook. Jeremy said no. So I won't be getting one. I would love to know what your eating at your house......


The Nielson's said...

I don't have any good ideas but I'll be checking back on your comments to see what others have to say! I need ideas for myself.

Nicolds6 said...

ok here are my thoughts....i am all about quick and painless for lunch... grilled cheese and tomato soup, quesadillas, baked potato bar, sliders are fun!!,we love to do dinosaur chicken nugget parmesan lol, they are all super easy. If you are into leftovers there is a book about making meals geared towards leftovers....i don't do leftovers though, my kids are snobs

Andy and Michele said...

We are into leftovers these days. Not my favorite, but "waste not want not!" Some friends of mine put together a recipe blog that has some yummy meals on it. Just double it and have some for lunch! :) Anyway, sorry that's all I have, but hope it helps.


P.S. Soups are great this time of year!


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