Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Life

So I was watching Oprah a while back and she had a show featuring woman around the world and how they live. It was so interesting! The people that really impressed me the most was the people of Copenhagen Denmark. They are very family oriented. They get off work at 4:00, they eat all their meals together, and they spent their time with their family. But what really made an impression on me was the way they lived. Their homes where very small and very clean. The average family had about 3 children. But Oprah went into one family's home and she was amazed at how clean and clutter free it was. Then the husband said these simple but ingenious words, " Less Space, Less Stuff, More Life". That hit me like a ton of bricks. The bigger the house, the more to clean, and the more stuff we put into it. All I do all day long is move stuff, clean stuff, get rid of stuff, or buy stuff. I am so busy with those things that I don't really get the time to do the things I love, which is be with my family. So I took it as a challenge. I went through my entire house and de cluttered. This was a big project that took me many days but it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. My laundry is under control, my kitchen is easy to clean, the toys are simple to put away. I can't tell you the change it has brought to my life. It was very freeing to get rid of things. Plus Jeremy and I have decided for 1 year to not buy STUFF. Only food, gas, vacations, or things for other people, like for Birthdays, ect. One year should really make a difference in our bank account and our life. These are the simple things I did.

1) De cluttered all of the kids clothes. They are allowed 7 shirts, 5 pairs of pants, and 2 church outfits. That is it. I packed away the shorts and short sleeves for summer. Out in our garage Jeremy put hooks on the wall for coats and bags. Below each child has a bin for shoes, hats, gloves, ect. So all of that stays out of the bedrooms and house. And it all has a home. Laundry is a cinch!

2) De cluttered all the kitchen cabinets and got rid of the junk I never use. Cleared off my counters with only a couple things left.

3) All closets are clean. Extra stuff put into the storage room.

4) I packed away extra towels and kitchen towels. I didn't want to get rid of them knowing they are expensive plus they wear out. So I only left what we use. Closets are clutter free and the laundry doesn't get out of control.

5) If you haven't used it for a year, your probably not going to. Donate it so someone else can!

Simple things that really make a difference. Less stuff, more life!

What organizing tricks do you have?? I would love to hear them!


MelissanWinslow said...

I lOVE IT!!! I thought it was funny you wrote this on the exact day I decluttered my bathroom. Threw out all the crap I haven't used in FOREVER! My house totally needs this overhaul!

Mary Saline said...

Do it! You will feel like a new woman!!

Julie said...

Wow!! I'm totally inspired...(I'm Melissa's cousin Julie by the way) and I love what you did. I have 3 boys and their clothes are completely taking over our small house, not to mention the fact that laundry is my most unfavorite household chore. I'm going to follow your advice on the clothing...what a great idea. They have way too many clothes. Thanks for sharing!!

Mary Saline said...

It will change your laundry life! I can't believe I didnt do is sooner with 5 kids. But with this baby on the way I knew something had to give! Good luck Julie!

wilhelmway said...

Can you come do mine next!....That sounds amazing. I am such a pack rat, and my kids too...especially my girls, I am afraid it would be a huge fight to get rid of their clothes. I am jealous! I would love that! Maybe I will be a little more inspired when we don't have 3 snow days in a row.

BiggsFamily said...

I just did this not quite the lengths you did, but Willey's parents were coming and I just had so much STUFF I was overwhelmed!! So I just got out trash bags and started making donating bags and trash bags!! Willey is still putting that "stuff" into the trash cans because we had soo much!! Now my closets are cleaned and organized and I have so much more room! I will probably have to have an intervention to do the clothes! HA HA!

Mary Saline said...

Feels great. Clothes will take over your life!

Andy and Michele said...

Wow, I am so impressed! Love those tips. I regularly go through the kids clothes and toys, storing unused clothes and getting rid of toys. Kids really don't so much. And it just feels wonderful to open a cupboard that is organized and not bulging! I'm am totally inspired to go another round!


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