Friday, January 15, 2010

What a Day!

For Journal Purposes

8:00 a.m. Was to the doctor's office with myself, Savanna, and Fisher dressed. Found out I have to have another sonogram at 28 weeks because they couldnt see the right side of the heart well enough.

8:30 shopping for groceries

11:30 get home and pay bills

1:30 went on a walk with Megan

2:30 Hunter complains his tooth hurts and I look to find that his new filling has fallen out! Had to make another appointment. I'll be spending Monday morning getting that fixed

3:00 girls get home from school and Loralie comes in crying that she lost her brand new necklace

3:30 Hunter goes out into the front yard (like is isn't suppose to) leaves the front door open, Fisher follows and Hunter smashes his whole hand in the Excursion door!

4:30 I call a babysitter for Friday night. I decided Jeremy need to go out on a date. Much needed!

5:30 Jeremy is home

6:00 Meeting for RS

8:00 p.m. I get home to find my living room floor has been redecorated with popcorn. But all kids are happy and watching way too much t.v.

9:00 go to bed in hoped tomorrow will be a little slower!


BiggsFamily said...

Yay for dates, and time with hubbys so we can just breathe a bit and re-coup to get ready to get in there and do it again when we get home:)!!

Mary Saline said...

That is what we did last weekend. Since we haven't been doing our date night with the babysitting I havent' been good about planning anything. It was MUCH needed!


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