Saturday, January 9, 2010

NOT a Diet, but a Lifestyle Change!!

I've decided this is the year to change our lifestyle of eating and begin a healthier life.

I've been watching Dr. OZ everyday and I really agree with all he believes in. He wants America to change the way they eat and get healthier without medications and operations if possible.

He list 5 things that we should take out of our diets and NEVER let back in. So I cleaned out my cabinets of the following things. These things are making us FAT and Killing us!

#1 any types of syrups, High Fructose Corn Syrup, corn syrup, ect.

#2 Simple Sugars

#3 WHITE Flour or any flour that says ENRICHED, there are no nutrients

#4 Trans Fats, Anything oil that says Hydrogenated. They have changed the oil so it will have an extended shelf life, but it will shorted human life by clogging our arteries and making us fat!

#5 Saturated Fat, these fats come from four legged animals like pigs and cows. We do not eat ANY PORK, but eat very little beef and make sure it is lean. Alternatives are Chicken and Turkey. We love it!

Dr. OZ recommends stretching daily and 30 minutes of walking or other exercise. This will take some planning and diet change, but I think it is keeping the Work of Wisdom. We should be eating things that Nourish and Strengthen our bodies. How can we ask a blessing on the food from Heavenly Father that we know if not good for our bodies?? Having a treat once in awhile is one thing, but we should really look in our cupboards and rethink our health. Otherwise how will be do the Lord's work we came here to do is we are tired and never feel good!
Of course he recommends lots of fiber and grains, eating less meat, and lots of fruits and vegetables, 100% whole grains like for your pasta. So looking at it, it is the Work of Wisdom! You will love his book.
Key, don't eat processed foods.

Here is his new book. I have his other one and I love it!

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Andy and Michele said...

My parents have been doing that for years. We used to be so good at no syrup and such, but those things have slowly crept back into our cupboards. We are really good about only eating whole wheat, real butter and no pork, but yeah, other things definately need a purge!


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