Tuesday, January 5, 2010

{Welcome} New Year

This is an exciting time with the New Year! I love the feeling of being able to start over. I've been reading many of my friends New Years Goals and decided to post my own. I love how so many of us are working on the same things. It is alot of fun supporting each other.

My New Year Goals

1) Read the entire Book of Mormon by May 1st

2) Attend the Temple once a month

3) Now that all the holiday junk is out, means back to my healthy diet. Got a Vita mix, VERY excited! My goal is to ONLY gain 25 pounds with this baby. Wish me luck!

4) Exercise 5 times a week ( I am not training for a marathon like many of my friends, just Child Birth!!)

5) Continue to learn the Lord's plan for my life

6) Focus only on the positive and starve the negative

Like my friend Mary said, I am sure the Lord has a lot in mind for me this year. But I believe as I strive to keep these goals I will be able to endure any trials this year that I will be faced with!

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